GoldieBlox – Benjamin’s Cat Nook

by GoldieBlox
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  • Suited to: 6+

Poor Benjamin the cat is a grumpy old moggy. There is only one way to cheer him up – build him the purr-fect cat nook so he can take a nap in peace. This complete construction kit has everything youngsters need to build a multi-level cat nook, with levers and even a lift for easy access. With over 40 pieces, including coupler joints, T-joints, elbow joints, long and short axels, spacers and star toppers, this fun game will inspire even the youngest engineers to get building, practicing their fine motor skills and spatial reasoning, while providing moody puss with a brand new hideaway.


  • Builds spatial skills
  • Teaches engineering principles (lever)
  • Evokes confidence in problem-solving

Language – English



4 mini axles, 2 coupler joints, 7 elbow joints, 2 T-joints, 1 spacer, 1 angle joint, 6 short axles, 3 long axles, 2 5-way joints, 3 star stoppers, 1 peg, 3 wheel hubs, 8 paper pieces, 1 Benjamin Cranklin cat figurine.