Alphabet Bingo Board Game

by Peaceable Kingdom
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  • Suited to: 4+


Alphabet Bingo is a playful teaching tool to help children learn letters.  Identifying UPPERCASE letters is the first step to reading and writing.  When a child can recognize and name letters, she has an easier time making connections between those letters and the sounds they stand for.

A twist on a classic! Reach into the bag and pull out a letter token—if you have a match, you’re on your way to bingo! This twist on a classic will help kids to learn and recognize their letters, while having fun.  There are 8 others ways to play too!  Try Letter Sound Bingo:  Without showing the letter, the caller makes the sound of the letter.  For example, “sss” for S and “mmm” for M and so on.

  • Develops letter recognition

INCLUDES: 6 game boards, 26 alphabet tokens, 72 chips, 1 game bag and instructions for multiple ways to play.

For 2-6 players

Download Instructions – Alphabet Bingo

Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.