The Empathy Toy – Teacher's Kit

Designed for students and teachers across K-12 education, this toy set explores how practicing the skill of empathy helps us improve an array of other universal learning skills, including critical thinking.

“Shaping the classrooms of the future”

The Empathy Toy – Teacher’s Kit

by Twenty One Toys
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  • Suited to: 6 to adult


Practicing empathy helps students with several universal learning skills, such as critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration, autonomous learning, and making real-world connections. The Empathy Toy Teacher’s Kit is the perfect tool for the classroom with materials for anywhere between three and 25 students to play at a time. The Kit comes with an educator’s guidebook that includes plenty of ideas to help teachers design their own critical thinking games.

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  • Practice the skill of empathy
  • Improve teamwork, collaborative learning and problem solving
  • Stimulates creative play and innovation

Language – English

3 – 25 players (good for 1- 2 classrooms)

Includes;  52+ game scenarios, 2 Toy Sets (20 pieces), 1 Educator’s Guidebook for K-12 – Learning Foundations edition, ways to Play map with 9 plug-and-play game templates, 6 blindfolds, a tote bag for field trips

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Spin Master Innovation Fund - Award Recipient

Spin Master Innovation Fund

Award Recipient

Acido Rocket Design Competition - Best in Show

Acido Rocket Design Competition

Best in Show

Core77 Design Awards - Notable Award in Educational Initiatives

Core77 Design Awards

Notable Award in Educational Initiatives


Fast Company - Best kids' toy design of 2014.

“Best kids' toy design of 2014.”

The Huffington Post - Toys are the New Textbooks

“Toys are the New Textbooks”

Quartz - #1 toys that help kids become global leaders

“#1 toys that help kids become global leaders”

Used by

MIT Media Lab - Teaching Design Thinking

Teaching Design Thinking

GEMS Education - Teaching Leadership

Teaching Leadership

Sheridan - Continuing Education

Continuing Education

What do educators think?

  • Stephen Hurley

    "As adults and as educators, we tend to think that we need to know everything about everything. So to put educators in a scenario where they're actually experiencing what kids are experiencing, that goes miles to opening up the conversation about empathy."

    Stephen Hurley
    Educational Consultant
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  • Carine Chenet

    "When there is a disagreement between friends, I take the opportunity to sit the students down together and do a hands-on activity. Some of them found that in moments of anxiety or stress, the toy really helped them calm down and find a way to relax in spite of everything."

    Carine Chenet
    Gerald McShane Elementary School
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  • Jeff Kosow

    "At the beginning they all think they're great leaders. And then you put the blindfold on and they realize that what they're trying to get across is not universal."

    Jeff Kosow
    Westmount High School
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  • Wendy Singer

    "To include a child with autism in a mainstream school, it takes a lot of talking to administration, teaching to the students on how to accept the child and understand them. The Empathy Toy is an awesome tool to be in that tool kit."

    Wendy Singer
    Managing Director Inspirations Newspaper
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  • Elliot Kerr

    "A lot of the time students are dealing with really abstract concepts, so the toy becomes a pedagogical tool so that the social construction of race or gender can become a real experience for them."

    Elliot Kerr
    Continuing Education
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  • Karen Burwell

    "You could see him really struggling to describe his creation because at 4 years old, they're just so used to pointing and saying 'this one' and 'that one' and 'bigger' and 'smaller' without going into more detail."

    Karen Burwell
    Sherwood Public School
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Educators’ Guidebook