"A teacher could spend weeks looking for these sorts of tools and resources to enhance classroom lessons when all one has to do is come to this website. The STEAM Room is a collection of well-chosen games that engage children (and adults!) and strengthen their reasoning skills. My class gets excited every time I tell them they will be playing these games and it makes me happy to know it is time well spent. Strong thinking skills are being used and the students are motivated to apply them in our fun setting. Thank you The STEAM Room for creating a platform where it is easy for teachers and parents alike to purchase intelligent games for children."

Brooke B.
Primary years teacher at an international school in Switzerland

"I have watched the children in my class get excited when they play these games. The activities are mind-expanding and the children love to make connections while they are playing. I have seen their relationships strengthen as they share a positive experience. These are the games you wish your children were playing. I brought them home to my own children and they were absorbed for hours. You can spend months on the Internet tracking these games down or you can just look at this website."

Michael N.
Primary years teacher at an international school in Switzerland

"The STEAM Room provides fantastic resources based on critical thinking, language development, creativity and so much more, perfectly suitable for children and adults. As a teacher, these educational games stimulate thinking skills, logic and strengthen group work in wonderful ways. I am so grateful to have these in the classroom and they are a big favourite for the students!"

Adriana L.
Primary years teacher at an international school in Switzerland

"Children and this particular adult love the IQ Key Edu 5.7 Kit (For sale to schools only)

I initially brought out the IQ Key toy to work with some bright six year olds, in a school setting, who needed some enrichment, but I found that the other children were pleading with their teachers and me to spend time, too, with the toys. How could I turn them down? I simply could not! Over several months, the use of the IQ Key toy became an enriching fun part of the week, for many children as I also used the product with older students who found it very engaging. The children could hardly wait for their turn to work on their creations and were thrilled to show their friends what they had created.

The IQ Key toy captures the children’s imaginations and taps into their natural curiosities about how things work. The children problem-solve and practice thinking flexibly, as they play with the pieces to create their own contraptions. IQ Key is geared towards open-ended play, promoting creativity and fun. There are the exciting moments when the child discovers how to have a wheel spin to the louder cries of excitement as children feel a real sense of accomplishment when their complex creations move as they want them to. "

Marcia Banks
Former teacher, Vice Principal and Curriculum Coordinator

"At birthday parties, I noticed that my children's friends were getting presents in doubles and triplicates. Often, the presents reflected the trend of the month or whatever looked ok and was readily available at the closest toy store...

The Steam Room gift cards saved me from all predicaments. The birthday girl or boy get to choose what they want out of the wide selection of toys available on the Steam Room website. My conscience is clear because I know that whatever the child chooses will be a fun product of quality. Although I can make the order from the comfort of my home, since Steam Room is a local business, I know that help is just a phone call away. Gina, the owner, knows the products inside out. You can tell she has put a lot of energy in the selection of the toys she is promoting. These toys are so well-thought-out that parents will enjoy exploring the Steam Room, too."

Zahra O
International school parent

"As our school developed our curriculum to embrace more of a Maker philosophy it was apparent that we would need specific, high-quality resources to compliment what we already had in school. Working closely with The STEAM Room we had the opportunity to discuss our needs and on occasions try out sample products. The dedication and expertise of The STEAM Room questions meant that our questions were always answered, we were able to choose our resources wisely and seamlessly purchase exactly what we needed. The STEAM Room's website is well worth checking out."

Technology Co-ordinator, SGIS school

"I thought Harry's mom's company sold just educational stuff but this is awesome!"

An 8 year old, Class 4 student