Tiny Polka Dot

by Math for Love
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  • Suited to: 3–8


Tiny Polka Dot: Number-Loving Learning Fun!

Newly launched in 2017, Tiny Polka Dot is the playful way for children ages 3 – 8 and up to fall in love with numbers. With eye-catching, colourful cards and 16 easy-to-learn games, Tiny Polka Dot is built to grow with your child, teaching critical skills in counting, arithmetic, and logic along the way.

Tiny Polka Dot is being embraced by kids, parents, and teachers, and has won seven awards. To learn more, or to download our book of Tiny Polka Dot lesson plans or to read the Guide for Grownups that comes with the game, check out tinypolkadot.com.