Q-Bitz Classroom

by MindWare
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  • Suited to: 8 to adult


Q-bitz is a fun way to introduce children to pattern matching, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, visualisation, and more.  The engaging play is easy to learn and mastering it will give your child the visual intelligence needed for future math and STEM success.

Students each get a wooden tray with 16 cubes and race to be first to replicate the pattern and claim the card.  When someone turns over a pattern card, it’s off to the races as players simultaneously try to recreate the pattern with their set of cubes. The first player to match the card shouts “Q-bitz!” and wins the card.

For up to 12 players

  • Teaches symmetry, visual dexterity and friendly competition
  • Stimulates the brain to use spatial reasoning and memory skills
  • Offers 3 ways to play and the design cards vary in difficulty, making it an exciting fast-paced game for all ages

Includes 12 cube-and-tray sets (2 each of all 6 colors) plus 120 pattern cards.

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