GoldieBlox – Ruby Rails Skydive Action Figure

by GoldieBlox
  • 40.00 CHF
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  • Suited to: 4+


Ruby Rails Skydive Action Figure is the perfect gift for girls who love action and adventure. Ruby comes with kits to build a working fabric parachute and a coder backpack. This great female action hero will help young girls build on their spatial skills, engineering principals, and confidence in problem-solving, while also having fun with aerodynamics. Ruby Rails Skydive Action Figure is also compatible with all the other action figures from Goldieblox.


  • Builds spatial skills
  • Teaches engineering principles (aerodynamics)
  • Evokes confidence in problem-solving

Language – English

Includes: 1 action figure with fabric parachutes, 3 parachute cords, 1 building charm, 1 rubber band, 2 star stoppers, 2 elbow joint, 1 5-way joint, 1 angle joint, 3 T-joints, 2 spacers, 5 pegs, 1 fabric dress, 1 laptop piece, 1 camera piece

Warning: Choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years.