GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

by GoldieBlox
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  • Suited to: 6+


Your child helps Goldie and friends save the Bloxtown Film Festival from being cancelled, and learns how to build a zoetrope, a pre-cinema animation device, while exploring illustration and animation at the same time. GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine teaches kids how to make their own movies, while introducing Li Gravity and Valentina Voltz, the series first male and Latina characters. GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine offers a free iOS App for an integrated play experience, and comes equipped with four movie packs and instructions for creating endless original animations. This kit builds spatial skills, engineering principles (drawing, animation, zoetrope), reading skills and confidence in problem solving.


  • Builds spatial skills
  • Teaches engineering principles (drawing, animation, zoetrope)
  • Evokes confidence in problem-solving

Language – English


1 storybook, 1 character figurine, 4 movie packs, 1 movie hoop, 1 movie reel, 2 mini pegboards, 2 long axles, 4 short axles, 2 mini axles, 4 pegs, 2 big wheel ends, 4 small wheel ends, 1 small wheel hub, 8 star stoppers, 4 elbow joints, 1 crank, 1 noodle belt, 1 star coupler.