GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank

by GoldieBlox
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  • Suited to: 4–9


GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank
This award-winning book and construction set tells the story of Goldie’s dog Nacho who desperately needs a bath to go the carnival. There is small problem, however, Nacho hates water. Help Goldie devise the perfect dog-washing dunk tank to get Nacho clean. Goldie’s magical construction explores hinges, levers and basic engineering principles. The set features three design ideas and unlimited building possibilities for young engineers, and dogs who hate the bath!

  • Builds spatial skills
  • Teaches engineering principles (hinges and levers)
  • Evokes confidence in problem-solving
  • Language – English
    INCLUDES: Storybook, 1 animal figurine, 1 bouncy ball, 2 wheels, 9 short axles, 18 long axles, 12 blocks, 10 spacers, 2 targets, 3 design templates.

    Warning: Choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years old.