Word Teasers: Geography

by ELM Educational Marketing
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  • Suited to: 8 to adult


Introduce your children to the enjoyment of learning about different countries and their cultures with this great new card game. This little blue box is jam-packed with 150 multiple choice questions that touch on all elements of geography. From continents to countries, capital cities to population and life expectancy to literacy levels.  WorldTeasers Geography is a great game to get children excited about the world around them…and for geography revision for their parents!

Do you know, for example:

  • 1. Which city lies across two continents?
    • a) Nairobi, b) Istanbul, c) Mexico City?
  • 2. Which country used to be known as Siam?
    • a) Bolivia, b) Thailand, c) Barbados?
  • 3. Which country means “land of the pure”?
    • a) Peru, b) Pakistan or c) Pachyderm?
[Answer: 1) b, 2) b, 3) b]
  • Enriches vocabulary
  • Improves spelling
  • Encourages affinity to letters, words, languages

Language – English