Mover Kit

by Tech Will Save Us
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  • Suited to: 8–12


Kids code the mover to react to their movement. Code it in infinite ways for hours of active fun!
– Gets kids active outdoors
– Easy to follow manual
– Dozens of projects online for all levels
– Learn to code the easy way

Fun, coding and creativity in one easy to use kit. The Mover Kit is the ideal way to introduce coding kids. After all, play is the best way to learn! Kids use the visual coding software to program the Mover to react to their movement and play in endless ways.

Your child’s first step to becoming a coder.
– The Mover snaps together quickly and easily, no tools required!
– Code the Mover to react to movement.
– Invent, code, and play new games!

With the Mover Kit you will also get access to Tech Will Save Us free online platform for coding, making and inventing.
Keep learning and playing with new projects released every week!

Language- English & French