Brain Builders

by MindWare
  •  19.97
  • Available on backorder
  • Suited to: 7+


Get your kiddiewinks immersed in the world of engineering with this fun construction game that challenges children to turn 2D pictures into 3D constructions using wooden KEVA planks. Challenges range from picnic tables, rowboats and park benches to snails and swans. The game comes with varying levels of difficulty that test a child’s patience, confidence, fine motor capacities, strategy, physics and base engineering—all import skills for school and the big wide world.


  • Strengthens STEM skills
  • Improves fine-motor skills
  • Enhances strategic thinking
  • Learn about physics and basic engineering skills

Language – English


20 durable planks, 30 double-sided cards in a zippered carrying case