IQ-Key EDU 5.7 Kit

by IQ Key
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  • Suited to: 6 to adult


IQ-Key EDU 5.7 is an educational set that can be assembled using various functional capsules and blocks, which are utilized by a patented combination mechanism. Using over 40 kinds of various shaped components, scientific principles and phenomenon can easily be understood through the use of a game.

IQ-Key may help develop a student’s creativity to promote further advancements in one’s learning abilities. It may especially help in perceiving the principles of science by manipulating the various components. It allows children to have fun, while naturally learning the principles of science. When children challenge themselves to create a model, they’re encouraged to use their imagination. This method aids children in discovering the secrets of science.

All of IQ-Key’s parts are made of non-poisonous material including Polycarbonate, the material used in baby nursing bottles. (Certified by ASTM, CPSIA, EN71, CCC)