Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition

by littleBits
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  • Suited to: 8–12

Gizmos & Gadgets
Turn your mobile device into a hands-on learning experience thanks to Gizmos & Gadgets. This circuit-building kit with electronic building blocks makes it easy to invent all kinds of things. Modules snap together using magnets so it couldn’t be easier to construct a circuit. The kit comes with 13 swappable gizmos and gadgets, including motors, wheels, switches and lights and a manual with 16 projects. Using your phone or tablet, you can also control your inventions remotely. Create a car and let your phone do the driving, or construct a caterpillar that crawls with the tap of a tablet. Note to kids: Gizmos & Gadgets comes with no limits on screen time!

Included in the Box:

– Comes with everything you need for 16 inventions, 1 challenge, and inspiration for tons more!
– 1 huge invention guide – get step-by-step instructions for inventions and challenges, plus ideas for spin-offs and totally new creations.
– Create inventions you control from a smartphone or tablet and turn screen time into hands-on learning.

4 of the 16 inventions in the box include:
Invent a bubble-blowing bot
Invent a crawling inchworm
Invent a spinning, wheeley, wireless rover
Invent a DIY arcade game

Find inventions, challenges & more on the littleBits Invent app.