Electro Dough Kit

by Tech Will Save Us
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  • Suited to: 4–8

Encourage creativity and spark kids’ imagination.

Perfect for family time at the kitchen table, Electro Dough is a fun combo of play and learning. A bestseller, Electro Dough comes with a recipe to make your own conductive dough and everything you need to make fun shapes and create simple circuits to make your creations buzz and light up.

Get started in 15 minutes, add a kid’s imagination, and play for hours.
– Work together to make a brightly coloured dough using basic kitchen ingredients.
– Make squishy shapes, a funny face, or a doughy friend.
– Add LEDs, crocodile clips, and buzzers to help complete the circuit.

Join the global community created by Tech Will Save Us with the Electro Dough Kit you will also get access to their free online platform for coding, making, and inventing.
– 18,000+ projects made
– 10,000 + active makers
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Choose from dozens of fun and easy projects to make at home. Why not make a rocket ship that lights up. New projects released every week.

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