by Anomia Press
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Finally, a party game for the most persnickety of word game fans!

Quick. Think of a word containing BOTH letters. An animal name with an L and D?… Leopard! A place that contains an R and a B?…Barnyard! How about a verb that contains a P and E?…Explode!

Easy to learn and simple to play, Duple® will challenge you to quickly turn two letters into a word. Players take turns flipping letter cards. When the symbols on two player’s cards match, the matching players’ race to shout out a word that contains the letters on both cards.

Sound easy? Think again! Answers must conform to ever-changing categories, Wild Cards and Revealed Matches create unexpected face-offs, and the All-Play card gets everyone competing at once.
Great for mixed ages, Duple combines the brain-bending challenge of a word game with the laughter and conversation of your favorite party games!

For 3-6 players
20-30 min playtime

  • Strengthens quick-thinking skills

Contents: 64 Letter Cards, 44 Category Cards, 8 Wild Cards, 4 All-Play Cards, & instructions.