Zometool – DNA

by Zometool
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  • Suited to: 10 to adult


Discover the beauty of science with the Zometool DNA Kit. There is no better way to fully understand the wonders of DNA than by getting hands-on with all the elements that make up living beings. Designed for children of 10 years and over, this multi-dimensional building toy invites children to experiment constructing their own DNA structures, while also offering an engaging explanation of what DNA is all about. Children will amaze family and friends, and most importantly their science teachers, with their newfound knowledge gained from this fascinating scientific game.  Download instructions for DNA here.

  • Encourages affinity to geometry and mathematics
  • Enhances  logical and dimensional thinking
  • Improves problem-solving and spatial skills
  • Encourages imagination and creativity

Language – English

Includes 41 Struts, 30 Nodes. 71 Total Parts