Zometool – Creator 2

by Zometool
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  • Suited to: 4 to adult

The Creator 2 opens up a new world of construction and shadows with 372 braces and 120 bullets. Build your model and then shine a light on it to see what its shadow looks like, then build a two-dimensional construction of your shadow. The results will amaze you. The kit comes with a colourful step-by-step instruction booklet of ideas for constructions and shadows that will truly surprise you.  Download Zometool Manual 2.3 here.

  • Encourages affinity to geometry and mathematics
  • Enhances logical and dimensional thinking
  • Improves problem-solving skills and spatial skills
  • Encourages imagination and creativity

Language – English

Includes 372 struts, 120 nodes, 492 total parts