Zometool – Buckyball

by Zometool
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Discover the worlds of nanotechnology, electronics, superconductivity, medicine and more with these innovative Bucky balls. Never heard of them? Don’t worry, they are a relatively new invention in the world of science, and researchers are very excited about them. These hollow spherical molecules are composed of a large number of carbon atoms and look like a football—only they are just one nanometre in diameter! They were one of the first nanoparticles to be discovered and are not only incredibly strong, but also have interesting electrical properties. Let children explore Bucky balls on their own with this intriguing construction kit that sheds light on the intriguing world of nanotechnology.


  • Encourages affinity to geometry and mathematics
  • Enhances logical and dimensional thinking
  • Improves problem solving skills and spatial skills
  • Encourages imagination and creativity

Language – English


90 Struts, 60 Nodes. 150 Total Parts